Homework 1

How is your life with the web?

I think my life in the web is decent i honestly think that the web is changing in a good way I have to say that i am a heavy web user and it is good i like it a lot because there are so many advantages using the web. The web is one of the most efficient things that was created in this planet now with the touch of a bottom you can visit places you could never visit, you can find info at the touch of the fingertips the possibilities are endless.


How would your life be without internet?

I think that my life would be as normal as it is today because if the web did not exist it would be just like the old days some of the stuff that the web offers is great but at the end of the day if i have to survive without the web i think i could do it its just a matter of adapting yourself to the new changes and you will be fine.

{photo:  open grid schedule,Google license creative commons}






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