momento mori deck

the orbit deck

Hello my name is Miguel Acevedo, I study in the university of sacred hearts  and I course   in the first year of my bachelors degree program in filmmaking .I am 19 years old I am a very good person. I really like magic, magic is one of my biggest hobbies . I am a very entertaining person and I think I am very kind. I do not like sports I’m one of those people who likes to be at home chilling.This website is a project of the inf1033 class and this page is about magic related topics ,  in this page you are going to find many things that you are going to love  and enjoy for example Pen & Teller foolers reaction and what  I think of them, some of my favorite magic trick and why I perform them the way I perform them, different stages of magic such as close up magic, parlor magic, street magic, cardistry, Techniques, Mentalism  etc… so I hope you buckle up and enjoy the ride 



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